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Talk less, design more!

January 18, 2018

Here are some lines from different blogs in the industry. You will see how anyone can get lost in such a splendid future.
Most design jobs will be eliminated in the next few years because templates will be available online — Employers or clients aren't sure what a graphic designer does — Just because you make your own Christmas cards doesn't qualify you to be a graphic designer — You can you use the images from the website — Everyone calls themselves a designer, even bankers think they are artist — Use your head, not your heart — Less attitude and more aptitude — Don’t be afraid to stand up for your design, but be humble enough to admit when you’re wrong ­— Clients tend to have a bad idea of what design is worth — Why does it cost that much? My neighbor only charged $200 for a logo — Can we make this image bigger to have more space for the text — Can you fill up the blank? — It is pretty — You should not get overly dependent on clients — Been a graphic design is spending hours and days working on a design and have someone to flat out saying "It is horrible" without any comments — Hmmm... How do I put this? — I have asked you to use the Pantone 032U color, and it is not what I see on my screen! — You'll always want to keep prepared clients around because they are easy to deal with and are a quick source of cash, due to the lack of extra work that has to be done —  Clients can make you feel like a Pizza delivery man — The focal point of your graphic designing business IS the Client — I love pizza — Anyone?

(Editorial by T. Häusermann, IDPURE N°28) 

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