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This is not about us
From Art Direction to production design

This is Not is based in Morges Switzerland. The structure was founded in 1996.

We work for clients in both cultural and commercial fields with a focus on editorial design, communications concepts, brand identity, graphic production as well as website design and development. This is Not offers a complete range of services that can be applied to all communication media.

We manage to carry out your projects through an expanding network of specialized experts in a vaste range of services. In more than 20 years, we have built our profile and maintained high skills and knowledge in terms of visual conception, graphic design, production and Art Direction.

A responsive force, aligned with a global and local networks of creative assets, 
This is Not provides valuable experience

to support you in all of your communication endeavors.

  • Editorial design

  • Branding and corporate identity

  • Graphic production

  • Digital publishing services

  • Annual report/newsletter

  • Brochure/catalogue

  • Product packaging

  • Communication concept

  • Strategy development

  • Publishing services

  • Typeface development

  • Project pitch photos and videos

  • Presentation slides for project

  • Website design/development

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